Saturday, March 31, 2012

Practical exam finished!!

   Last wednesday was the last day for practical exam. It's done! YAAY! my last practical exam was english and art. both of them were drama. In english, we had performed drama from 'folktales' theme. In art, we had performed drama from 'love' theme. We had do such a great performance i think even my group was cut by the judges but we had many positive comments from our friends that watched our performance! (even that was a negative comments too). 
   My group already prepared it since December last year. Painted the background, made the script & choreo for dance, proposal and another things that made us so busy but we still had so much fun!! 
Here is the poster of my group drama for art practical exam!! 

The story of us crew's (not completed because many of us that already went home after the show) 


Our signature at the back of background!! 

Big thanks to:
- Tiffany (leader)     - Jopar         - Nasya 
- Mikat                     - Putri           - Dittha 
- Michi                     - Andi           - Michelle CK 
- Sampri                 - Joce           - Harfandy 
- SG                        - Alexis 
- Mitchell                 - Charissa 

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