Friday, May 4, 2012


        After stressed out this last 4 month, finally the National Exam finished and we have a long holiday until graduation day that will hold in June, 2 2012. I hope that my effort will not useless and i'll have a best score in National Exam. 
       So, few days ago, my class had a photo shoot for our yearbook. Actually our schedule for photo shoot held in March but with some reasons, it delayed until May 1. 
       From 11:00 AM me and some of my friends already arrived in the Lomotto Studio, Karawaci. In the photo shoot, my class had divided into some groups. Actually, My group had the second turn but one of my friend had a competition and we must wait for him until 2:00 PM. So sadddddddd....... 
       Here are some photos that I took in that day 

Debora and me ;) 

me - Jessica - Debora 

Jessica - Debora - Putri - Me 

Tiffany - Reynata - me 

Stefanie - me - Valen

9E family 

I am wearing:

Tops - bazar in Teras Kota 
Pants - Mom's wardrobe 
Cardigan - Mom's wardrobe 
Hat - Berskha 
Shoes - Karen & Chloe
Necklace - Bling