Wednesday, June 27, 2012


   Today's outfit theme is playground. I dont know why i choose this theme. Actually, I found those clothes and feel so comfort to wear it ;)
   lately, I more like to wear black clothes. don't know why. Maybe it because black color is dominant in my closet. But, I try to mix and match some black color with bright color. actually, I more like bright color than dark color. My perception, if we wear black shirt, jeans, and accessory + black hat too without any silver, white and another color, your hair was black color too, at night or when black out, you'll invisible to see. hehehe ;p

    School holiday just only 2 weeks left. Can't imagine that i'll become a high school student in 2 weeks!! Time is really fast, I just remember that i'm in 7 grades of junior high, with many problems.  I had some problem with my friends that made my score, all of my score down. Not only my score, but my personality also changed. I don't know why. I became a different person. More quiet, anger, lazy, etc and it really really didn't suit me. I really really don't want my problem in 7th grade happened again in my whole life.

   Talking about high school, I hear that the greatest moment in whole life when in high school. is it true? i think the greatest moment in life when you being a senior! hahaha. where ever you're in 6th grade, 9th grade, 12th grade, year 4 in university or in senior year on your work place. Being a junior isn't fun. but, what to do? this is life. today you're senior, but tomorrow you'll become junior, and then senior again and turn junior. Like a circle and never stop until we die.

what i wear: 
shirt - Polo 
 Jumper - Rampage 
legging - Rodeo 
bracelets - unbranded 
hat - Berskha
necklace - Bling 

By the way, twilight saga: breaking dawn part 2 official trailer already released!!! :D here's the trailer that I got on youtube. Bella becoming a vampire :O 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Lost Girls

  Today I went to a mall in Karawaci, Tangerang. Actually, this mall isn't far from my house but it takes 30 min from my house to that mall if you use a car.

    I went to this mall with my 2 close friends in the class. Because we were missed the class after one month  holiday. Actually. my class want to gather together but, it cancelled :( so, we decided to hang out together only, with our close friends. 

  For the truth, there's one more my close friend in a class but, she can't come because of another necessity that must be more important than just walked around the mall and wasted money. lol ;) 

  So, here was what I wore: 

Outfit details: 
shirt - Giordano 
Jeans - Centro dept. Store
Cardigan - Mangolia
Necklace - Bling
Bracelet - Unbranded 
Belt - Unbranded 
Shoes - Reebok 

zoom!! sorry for bad pics :( 

  In that time, I arrived around 11 AM, with Isyana  because we went to there by public transportation. So, we waited for Putri (my another friend) until 12 PM. while we were waiting for Putri, me and Isyana went around the mall and I bought a ring only for 20k!! because of the discount. hehehe 

  In my country, this month was a holiday month until next month, so some stores in my country had a discount. This discount is call a mid-year discount or holiday discount. 
  After Putri arrived, we bought tickets to watched movie. The movie was started in 02:30 PM. We didn't know what to do again to waisted time. Suddenly, Putri had an idea to bought a drink at Starbucks and then chill out at Starbucks counter ;) 

  We had a lot fun today! even we just chill out, watched movie and walked around the mall (at the end we were out of money) but it was an experience and will never forgot :) 

Here's about my friends pict and short biography ;)  
(sorry guys I put your photo without your permissions. hehehehe ) 

The coolest girl that love Japan songs and SNSD (koran girlband) so much!! 

The smartest girl in the class also my partner in class!! 

Here's about the trailer of the movies that we watched today, it is a good thriller movies for watch, enjoy! :D 

xoxo, ditth 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Down to Earth

 Today theme is Down to Earth with brown and yellow color, I choose those color because it's like the color of sand in the beach. I don't know when I think about this theme, I just think about beach. Maybe because it's summer and i really miss the beach because it has been a long time since I went to beach :( 

   Talking about Summer, where do you want to go to holiday this Summer?? This Summer I didn't went anywhere :" because of my parents doesn't have a holiday in Summer. My holiday plan this year just mall to mall with my friends. My mom told me that we will go to Bandung or Semarang but, it just a plan. I don't think that i'll get the hotel if I reserve it  next week or today. ._. 

   Ps: always remember, Even you wear a dark color, don't forget to put a little bright color in your look. Because it's summer!! :D 

Loose Top - Samuel & Kevin  
Short - Et Cetera 
Bracelets - Unbranded
Necklace - Unbranded
Ring - Bling 
Belt - Et Cetera 
Shoes - Karen & Chloe 

   Anyway, Have you watched BIG BANG new music video? So, here is I gave you the music video from the coolest album ever!! 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Short time doesn't enough

  It's my first fashion post without my friends inside the photos. hehehe ;)

  Today i went to a mall near my house with 7 friends. Just like another hang out, we watched movies (title:lock out), walk around the mall and finally we sat in the food court and talking about my class BBQ planing, shared some stories when some of my friends had a vacations in Bali, and another topics. Just that simple topics that made us talked for 2 hours and still didn't  enough. We need more time to chit chat since the time in ninth graders wasn't enough for us. 

  So, this is some pics that i wore today, sorry for bad pictures because i forgot to bring my cameraaa :( 

Thanks to Putri who took the photos in that time ;D

Outfit details: 

Shirt - Giordano 
Pants - Centro dept. Store
Cardigan - Rampage
Headband - DIY
Necklace - Warna 
Bracelet - Warna 
Shoes - Power by Bata

Monday, June 4, 2012

Garaduation & farewell party

     It's already JUNE!! OMG 1 month holiday has passed. Sorry for late postings last month readers :( 

     so, today i'll post about what happened on 2rd June. In that day, my school had a graduation party & the announcement score in national exam.  That day was the last day that my generation had gathering together. 
     The party started with a ceremony with the priest of course, because my school is a christian school. After that we enjoyed the performance from students and teachers!! after all the performance over, started the announcement.... the announcement was announced by our principal. 
     We had dinner at 7 PM after that our generation has a free time until 10 pm. Actually there was a blind prom but, with any case the blind prom was cancelled. We watched a performances too that organised by farewell committee. 

     Here's some pics that we took after the party. 
Jessica - Me 

with ms. Kpop Nadinee!! :D 

Me - Putri - Jessica

with dhea

Jessline - Chantika - Me - Dhea 

me - dhea - thalia - jessline - chantika - debora 

      About the result, ummmm... isn't bad but i think we can do better than that score. I wanna make my parents proud of me and i think i can do better score for the next up coming exams. 
     So sadly, that night was the last night that we gathered together, some of my friends will continue their study in different school and out of the country. I hope that we will be gather like this again and will keep in touch each other ;) 

Dress - Avenue 
Bag - Debenhams 
shoes - iCONinety9
cardigan - Korz