Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Down to Earth

 Today theme is Down to Earth with brown and yellow color, I choose those color because it's like the color of sand in the beach. I don't know when I think about this theme, I just think about beach. Maybe because it's summer and i really miss the beach because it has been a long time since I went to beach :( 

   Talking about Summer, where do you want to go to holiday this Summer?? This Summer I didn't went anywhere :" because of my parents doesn't have a holiday in Summer. My holiday plan this year just mall to mall with my friends. My mom told me that we will go to Bandung or Semarang but, it just a plan. I don't think that i'll get the hotel if I reserve it  next week or today. ._. 

   Ps: always remember, Even you wear a dark color, don't forget to put a little bright color in your look. Because it's summer!! :D 

Loose Top - Samuel & Kevin  
Short - Et Cetera 
Bracelets - Unbranded
Necklace - Unbranded
Ring - Bling 
Belt - Et Cetera 
Shoes - Karen & Chloe 

   Anyway, Have you watched BIG BANG new music video? So, here is I gave you the music video from the coolest album ever!! 


Brooklyn Grace said...

hey you,
Cool bloG

followed you on GFC no13 and bloglovin no1
Hope you follow back on both

Meilina said...

nice and very lovely

Tanii said...

love your shorts and the necklace! By the way, I love SNSD as well :)