Monday, June 4, 2012

Garaduation & farewell party

     It's already JUNE!! OMG 1 month holiday has passed. Sorry for late postings last month readers :( 

     so, today i'll post about what happened on 2rd June. In that day, my school had a graduation party & the announcement score in national exam.  That day was the last day that my generation had gathering together. 
     The party started with a ceremony with the priest of course, because my school is a christian school. After that we enjoyed the performance from students and teachers!! after all the performance over, started the announcement.... the announcement was announced by our principal. 
     We had dinner at 7 PM after that our generation has a free time until 10 pm. Actually there was a blind prom but, with any case the blind prom was cancelled. We watched a performances too that organised by farewell committee. 

     Here's some pics that we took after the party. 
Jessica - Me 

with ms. Kpop Nadinee!! :D 

Me - Putri - Jessica

with dhea

Jessline - Chantika - Me - Dhea 

me - dhea - thalia - jessline - chantika - debora 

      About the result, ummmm... isn't bad but i think we can do better than that score. I wanna make my parents proud of me and i think i can do better score for the next up coming exams. 
     So sadly, that night was the last night that we gathered together, some of my friends will continue their study in different school and out of the country. I hope that we will be gather like this again and will keep in touch each other ;) 

Dress - Avenue 
Bag - Debenhams 
shoes - iCONinety9
cardigan - Korz 


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