Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Lost Girls

  Today I went to a mall in Karawaci, Tangerang. Actually, this mall isn't far from my house but it takes 30 min from my house to that mall if you use a car.

    I went to this mall with my 2 close friends in the class. Because we were missed the class after one month  holiday. Actually. my class want to gather together but, it cancelled :( so, we decided to hang out together only, with our close friends. 

  For the truth, there's one more my close friend in a class but, she can't come because of another necessity that must be more important than just walked around the mall and wasted money. lol ;) 

  So, here was what I wore: 

Outfit details: 
shirt - Giordano 
Jeans - Centro dept. Store
Cardigan - Mangolia
Necklace - Bling
Bracelet - Unbranded 
Belt - Unbranded 
Shoes - Reebok 

zoom!! sorry for bad pics :( 

  In that time, I arrived around 11 AM, with Isyana  because we went to there by public transportation. So, we waited for Putri (my another friend) until 12 PM. while we were waiting for Putri, me and Isyana went around the mall and I bought a ring only for 20k!! because of the discount. hehehe 

  In my country, this month was a holiday month until next month, so some stores in my country had a discount. This discount is call a mid-year discount or holiday discount. 
  After Putri arrived, we bought tickets to watched movie. The movie was started in 02:30 PM. We didn't know what to do again to waisted time. Suddenly, Putri had an idea to bought a drink at Starbucks and then chill out at Starbucks counter ;) 

  We had a lot fun today! even we just chill out, watched movie and walked around the mall (at the end we were out of money) but it was an experience and will never forgot :) 

Here's about my friends pict and short biography ;)  
(sorry guys I put your photo without your permissions. hehehehe ) 

The coolest girl that love Japan songs and SNSD (koran girlband) so much!! 

The smartest girl in the class also my partner in class!! 

Here's about the trailer of the movies that we watched today, it is a good thriller movies for watch, enjoy! :D 

xoxo, ditth 


Tanii said...

I like the pictures! Looks like a cool evening :)

Brooklyn Grace said...

cool pics
thanks for sharinG

Helmiina said...

You have such a lovely blog!<3 :) I loved the photos and your outfit! ^^
xoxo Helmiina

Ruby and Rosa said...

well seems you have a wonderful time with your friend there :D
aa I have watched Abraham! It was amazing movie :D
LOVE it ♥

anyway, I have Giveaway event too in my blog!
MOST people said they are adorable, SO why don't you come and visit to see?
Don't forget too join :)

Street Fashion Paris by 2 lonley Swans said...

Are u Malaysian? I have some pieces from Giordano:)