Wednesday, June 27, 2012


   Today's outfit theme is playground. I dont know why i choose this theme. Actually, I found those clothes and feel so comfort to wear it ;)
   lately, I more like to wear black clothes. don't know why. Maybe it because black color is dominant in my closet. But, I try to mix and match some black color with bright color. actually, I more like bright color than dark color. My perception, if we wear black shirt, jeans, and accessory + black hat too without any silver, white and another color, your hair was black color too, at night or when black out, you'll invisible to see. hehehe ;p

    School holiday just only 2 weeks left. Can't imagine that i'll become a high school student in 2 weeks!! Time is really fast, I just remember that i'm in 7 grades of junior high, with many problems.  I had some problem with my friends that made my score, all of my score down. Not only my score, but my personality also changed. I don't know why. I became a different person. More quiet, anger, lazy, etc and it really really didn't suit me. I really really don't want my problem in 7th grade happened again in my whole life.

   Talking about high school, I hear that the greatest moment in whole life when in high school. is it true? i think the greatest moment in life when you being a senior! hahaha. where ever you're in 6th grade, 9th grade, 12th grade, year 4 in university or in senior year on your work place. Being a junior isn't fun. but, what to do? this is life. today you're senior, but tomorrow you'll become junior, and then senior again and turn junior. Like a circle and never stop until we die.

what i wear: 
shirt - Polo 
 Jumper - Rampage 
legging - Rodeo 
bracelets - unbranded 
hat - Berskha
necklace - Bling 

By the way, twilight saga: breaking dawn part 2 official trailer already released!!! :D here's the trailer that I got on youtube. Bella becoming a vampire :O 


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Tanii said...

love your hat! Cool :)

Street Fashion Paris said...

I like the neckless so fun!