Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Black Pearl

   July has comingggg!!!  it means that my holiday just only one week again -_- after 2 months holiday, I don't think that i'm ready to study again in next level and meet seniors again... but we must  do it one by one soon. 
   I always thinking, why we must go to high school if you want to go to university?? sometimes i feel I want to study in college as soon as possible. I don't hate high school but, I hate to study math, physics and all suck lessons that i don't like it. In college, you can choose what lessons do you like, and i think it will fun to study what lesson that we like everyday. 

      Talking about this post, today I played with blue, black and white color. My Favorite color ever!! hehehe. For me, blue that I like is blue in the ocean. It makes me feel comfortable and relax. hehehe. And for black and white, I love it because black and white always match in every color if you want to mix and match it XD 

   I took this photos in my house's balcony. I love this part of my house. In there, you can see the beautiful pillars. At night, the pillars will make beautiful and colorful lights. Next time i'll show you the pillars XD

zoom in, sorry for bad picture quality :( 

Made by: Ditth, Acrylic on canvas 40x20cm. What do you think?? :p

     I mostly forgot, June,29th, My mom had her birthday!! happy birthday mom!! :D so sad, in her birthday, I went Dhammacamp with my friends and my mom went to Semarang to survey some places.  Dhammacamp is kind of buddhist camp for teenager (coming soon photos ;D ). I had so much fun in Dhammacamp but, my friends told me that some sessions was really bored :( but, she told that the games was fun!! :D

   By the way, here's new Super Junior music video for all of youuu especially ELF (super junior's fans name)  :D enjoy!