Saturday, August 25, 2012

Holiday 2012 part 1

   First of all, I wanna say Happy Eid Mubarak for you who are celebrate it!! :) 
When Eid Mubarak holiday, I went to Cilacap, Central  java for vacation with my family. Actually Cilacap hasn't much good place to visit but, there are two places that's recommended for you,
there are Nusa Kambangan Island and Dutch's entrenchment when The Netherlands occupy Indonesia that still strong until now. The entrenchment called "Benteng Pendem".

  First stop, I was visited the Benteng Pendem and I Really proud to The Netherlands people who build the entrenchment because they design it perfect so the building can sturdy until now :D 

   The building behind me is a Jail Building. This building was used to jail the enemy. If you go there, there isn't any exit so the enemy will stay there until die :O 

what i wear: 
cardigan - mom's wardrobe
tops - gift from mom :D 
necklace - stand in Jakarta Fair 2012

   This pic is the bomb place. All bombs was put there because bombs in the hot place, will be explode so it put under the ground. They believe that in underground the bombs will not explode because the bombs didn't under the sunlight.  

   second stop: I  was visited Nusa Kambangan Island. There is some japan's entrenchment but it's not big as Benteng Pendem. In Nusa Kambangan Island, I went to their beach, White sand's beach actually. Like the name,  white sand's beach has white sand and the ocean is really clear :D 
sorry I didn't take some pics :( 

by the way, i'll post the continue of this part soon! when I went to Pangandaran, West Java! :D 
see ya! 


Street Fashion Paris said...

What a lovely place!!!you must have a lot of fun!!! xxx

Style Me Yesterday said...

Hi Lovely,

Great pics!

I have a competition going on my page! would love for you to enter!

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