Wednesday, August 15, 2012


OMG! it has been 2 months since my last post :0 
sorry for late postings guys, i'm really really busy because of the school's homework and test .___.  
i'm kinda happy because today is my first day of holiday but frustrated because there's a lot of homework and there'll be Geography, English , Indonesian Language, Chemistry, and Sociology test after this short of holiday. 
Being a high school student's isn't easy. first, there's a lot of homework's, projects, and tests. second, lack of sleep, third, going home late and many more!! but one thing that make me enjoy being a high school student is friends. yap. my friends in school especially in my class ten-one! really grateful because i can meet some of cool and friendly person from my JHS school another school that gathered in my class :')

back to this post, today i went to a mall near my house (for a thousand times) with my friend and there's some photos about what i wear today. thanks to my pal, Chantika for taking all this pic ;)

sorry for the little blur on the pic, because this is a quick shoot by Chantika. hehehe

loose shirt - Samuel & Kevin 
tank top- Samuel & Kevin
shoes - A Little Thing She Needs 
necklace - Bazaar in Jakarta Fair
bracelets - gift from Gogirl! Magazine 
ring - Shop Belle Fille 

love this music video!! must watch! love their looks and music <3 font="font">


Brooklyn Grace said...

Great post and cute outfit

Street Fashion Paris said...

You are so lovely!!!! love your style!!!

Street Fashion Paris said...

Wow...lovely outfits!!! I hope there is an Old Town White coffee in Paris!!! I miss that so much!!! xxx