Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Holiday 2012 part2

First of all, i want to say sorry beacuse of  lack updates, my connection was very annoyed. When i want to write this post, it took 5 hours to load one picture -_- I was very angry, it was really slow connection. I can't did my another project if I write this post because, if I used another tab for my project then, the photo will take more than 5 hours .___. 

Since this post already created, i want to share the part 2 of my Ei'd mubarak holiday! in the next day, from Cilacap, I went to Pangandaran beach, West Java. I went to Green Canyon, the famous recreation place in Pangandaran. Green Canyon is a cave, unique cave I think with green water but trust me, it's really clear! 

what I wore: 
Shirts - polo 
top - Nevada 

The pictures above was taken by me on the way to the cave hehehe. The river is dirt, especially near the harbour (but better than river in Jakarta) but I still confused about why the water in the cave and in the river is totally different. Sorry for bad pictures quality after this because, my camera was broken when I arrived at the cave :' so I took all of the rest pics with my mom's cellphone. Warning: Lot of photos! 

the water is clear right?? hehehehe 

That's all my trip, after I went to Green Canyon, My family went home. We arrived at home at 7 or 8 AM in the next morning. one night and sleep inside the car is not recommended. :s