Saturday, September 7, 2013

Here's to Never Growing Up

Seriously, sick for say this: sorry for lack updates! really sorry! I don't really have time to post some photos to this blog ): 
I know I'm such a bad blogger who dumped silly diary for a looonnngg time :'( 
I have planned to post this post actually 1 week after the photo shoot but, because the teachers didn't give the students time to rest..... this post has been postponed for over one month*? 

Last... August I met my blogger friend Michelle ! and we had so much fun doing photo shoot together :D 
those photos below are taken by Michelle!! thank you so much Michellee <3 font="" nbsp="">

Tosca long-sleeved - Shop Belle Fille & Flowery belt *wore as tie* - unbranded 

Me with Michelle!! so pretty, isn't she?? ;)

I also met Nadine too! it wasn't a planned at first. but, 2 or 1 hours before, Nadine said that she and her friend were going to watch Sea of monsters and want to buy a present too. I asked Michelle if she want to join or not but she said that Michelle will watch it with her sisters :D oh! thanks to Nadine too! she helped me and Michelle to took the photo together (: 

ps: Nadine will turn 16th in 20 mins later!! :D Happy birthday to youu <3>

xoxo, ditth

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bandung Trip part 2

At the next morning, I just walking around the hotel and took some photos there. My mom and dad didn't want to go outside so, I just enjoyed the scenery from the hotel and i'ts cool enough for mind-refreshing. you must try to go there! it's soooo beautiful :0 

Can you see the hidden mountain in the sky?? 

Look at the sky! cool isn't it?? 

The pictures above is the pictures inside the gazebo that located in the top of the hotel beside the restaurant. Jewish look alike, Seriously I'm fall in love with all of the drawings there. 

Sorry if my pictures is too small for fashion photos this time :' since my Photoshop is not loading and I can't use it, so I just upload it directly from the camera :' 

so, I was wearing gradient shirt from Promod, unbranded pink tank, Rodeo Blue leggings and a purple hat that I bought at Mall Taman Anggrek years ago also galaxy shoes from Tumblr Store

Sorry if I did't write any longer in this post. I just want to do some rest. My mind keep flying randomly and I couldn't control it. At that time, I just walking around the hotel, finding good spot to take a shoot. I wasn't go outside the hotel because traffic jam were everywhere! Bandung is so crowded at weekend :' 

xoxo, ditth 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Bandung trip part 1

Say hello to my beloved readers! :D sorry for a looong time postpone again. Holiday is coming and I'm busy watching Korean dramas all day long hehehee. sorry, that's my mistakes. Now, I'm watching King 2 Hearts, School 2013 and streaming I Hear Your Voice drama. It's late to watch King 2 Hearts because that drama already finished last year and I just have the opportunity to watch Lee Seung Gi's drama. Before I watch King  2 Hearts, I finished My Girlfriend is Gumiho. A drama sttarring Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah. From that drama I started to love and to be a fan of Lee Seung Gi. Finding information about him and watch many variety shows that hosted or played by Lee Seung Gi and it's really fun! :D

Bandung's night view from the top of the hotel. Really love this kind of view. 
Neon lights are everywhere! fill the world with illumination of happiness. 

Just a random thing above. hahaha. I got the apple from the front office when my mom first checked in into the hotel. they offered me to took the fruits and I chose an apple because I love this red fruits since i was kid. actually I watched and read from many source that apples are good when we eat them at the morning but, too bad that I arrived at the hotel at dawn :'

I didn't know what's going on my mind lately and what's happened there. I just want to took some random object and getting obsessed with photography and really want to study more and more. 
I have one regret. which was a very very very bad and foolish things that I ever made. I don't want that moment replay the same things again for over my life. Regret usually comes at last and we couldn't repair mistakes that we have make before. Always Pay attention to your own path and never give the opportunity to others when you know that decision will hurt yourself. Just a little reflection for today~ 

lately, I'm getting obsessed with clouds,sun, evening time and anything that's related to sky except rain and storm. Love the colors of the sky when it turns night. Many colors are shown. Blue, green, pink, pastel, yellow, purple, magenta, orange, etc. and sometimes, I feel comfortable when I look up to the sky. For me, Sky give me some strength to face the problems in the world and keep pursue my dream and never give up on things that obstruct our path. I wonder when I could draw a sky that looks like the real one...  

At the top of the hotel, there's a french restaurant. Beside eating, we can enjoy the scenery of Bandung City. I have enjoyed the city's scenery from the top of the mountain since I was kid and I also like the weather in the mountain too. It's quite cold but, since I'm not  freezing, it's okay to visit the cold places.   

Decoration in my room. unique. 

Day one, I was wearing a red dress (wore as blazer), black texture tops (bought it for only 20k at the Charity and it's first-hand items! ), black shorts by Polo also unbranded flowery belt (wore as scarf) and the last but not least, braided red and black bracelets created by Baduy Tribe! souvenirs from my mom. 

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Thanks before! 
xoxo, ditth 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

X-ONE Farewell Dinner

all photos in this post were taken by Joseph, Me and Michelle 

Finally, this year academic is over!! I just got my report today and the result......... not really satisfying for me :'( but, in the other side, I'm really happy because finally I'm going to study in social class next July! yay! the moment that I have waited for a long time finally begins! I'm not going to study physics, biology and chemistry again (those subjects made my report worse)

I just have a time to post this event and share with you readers! sorry for a long break. After the final test was over, my class had a chance to made a farewell dinner at Telaga Restaurant, Moderen land and gratefully, most of the members came. 

I can't believe that we're already in the end. One year looks so fast! our togetherness made the best moments to me and i'll never forget my class family. We're already look like a family, brothers and sisters. We shared happiness, laugh and sadness together for this whole year and I fell so sad to leave this class. 

So, in this post, I just want to share about our togetherness that day. enjoy :) 

X-ONE girls! 
upper: anastasa-elvina-me-chantika-florence-nadine-margareth-priskilla-cynthia 
lower: angel-renata-jane-kezia- sofie 

and i'm very grateful to have Tebas Family, my closest friends in class. consists of: 
Liem (the one that inspired me to made Tebas Famiy's name), Hadi, Joseph , Erwin , David , Yosafat , Nadine , Chantika, Nicholas , and Me 
We shared everything together, our stressful because of the task and test, tears, craziness, laugh, sadness and spend time together is the most memories that i love <3 font="" nbsp="">
hope we will still chill out together in next few years and never forget any members ;") 
happy to have you all :)

Outfit details: 
Ombre Long-sleeve shirt - Rodeo 
flowery tie, wore as ribbon - unbranded 

X-ONE Family <3 nbsp="">