Wednesday, March 27, 2013


HOLIDAY!! mid-term holiday finally arrived!! although they gave us 1/2 heart (because teachers gave us many homework ;_;), I don't really care about homework after all. I only made my homework at first and after that my time I used to watched music videos ( just for information, Infinite (korean boyband) finally released their comeback album 'new challenge' and MV - 'man in love'!! you can check out their MV later ;)), korean drama, sleep early, do things that i love and hang out together with friends during this holiday - forgot about homework for a while.

About this look, I'm wearing black top and green blazer from samuel & kevin, blue jeans- legging from rodeo, red heart necklace from bling! and my favorite galaxy shoes from Tumblr Store! *becoming my favorite stuff

My friend's back-neon sweater!! so cuteee ^^~ 

Thanks to my beloved friends Chantika & Nadine who took the photos above!! ^^ 

안녕 ^^~

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Love your shoes!
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