Sunday, March 31, 2013

Orange + Oreo = Double O

Just a quick post today, because it's 1:52 AM already and I still can't sleep '_'

For today's post, I'm wearing black tee from Samuel and Kevin , orange jeans from Rodeo, and black blazer that I borrowed from my mom. Just a simple look for today. I didn't wear accessories like usual and it's more comfortable sometimes :D

I'm working with my art project lately (That's why I always lack of sleep). I'm making a children story book based on one folklore from Banten, Indonesia. My story book have 15 pages and I'am going to color it with poster color.Final deadline is getting closer and I just did 10% out of 100%. fight hard!! this thing that I really want to do, I really into art and I enjoy every project that my teacher gave me. *wish that mathematics, physics or chemistry lessons will replace by art class time*
what do you think??? give any comment please so I can improve my blog and my art also hehehe. thanks :)

Anyways, Lee Hi has released her new MV 2 days ago! check it out!! 

1 comment:

Ruby and Rosa said...

great outfit and what an extraordinary drawing !
you should be at dkv major :D