Friday, March 1, 2013

Silly Diary Will Come Back Soon!!

finally, after 6 months postpone blogging, my the-only-one camera back!! :D It has been so longg since my last fashion post. I promise you if I have a little bit free time, I'll post it soon!!
Time goes so fast! I can't believe it's already February 2013. my amazing 2012 year already passed :'( 
there are many good memories that I won't forgot it until I die. I think you have it too. hehe 

I wanna share little about my can't- erase-memories: 
- in 2012, my statue changed from junior high school student to high school student. YEAY! 
- First time I tried to be a blogger 
- Met my 6 silly and funny new friends in SHS! I hope our friendship will last until end of life :') 
- My closest grandma passed away :'( 
- My special fifteen birthday 
- Lucky got the 3rd place in the class last semester. hope this semester still same or increase *pray*

and this is my resolution for this year: 
- more diligent (lately, all of my scores was bad enough :'( )
- smarter 
- thinner 
- can makes my parents proud of me :') 
- get the 1st place in class *hope*
- buy DSLR
- make new friends! 
- can earn money 
- improve all of my skills
- increase my blog visitors by makes best post everyday *pray*

that's all about mine. what about yours??? you can leave my a comment under this post :)
I hope that today isn't late to tell about evaluation and resolution. hehehe. since today is the first day of the 3rd months in 2013 :D 

now i'm preparing for next fashion post!! since my one-week-holiday start today! stay tune~
xoxo, ditth 

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