Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Other Side of The Door

First of all, sorry for lack updates!! ;_______; 
I have been busy with school's stuff. test... test...test everywhere.... after the national exam's holiday over, my amazing life was turn into hell -_- Teachers are crazy to give us test everyday! not every week!! they said that it'll help our final report, but... really........ I really bored with school stuff -_- 
maybe I will not often share my look again until I get my final report next June and wish me luck for next month! and next week!! 
next week daily test: Mon: accounting, Tue: math, Wed: chemistry, and Thurs: geometry and physics, Friday: has not been confirmation. hopefully there aren't test on Friday so, I can take a rest for one day and prepared for the next week again ;")

About this post, I found this place when I was walking around to find the best location to take photo shoot with my friend. It isn't far from my house, just 3 or 2 blocks away and my friend said that frame looks perfect. 
I don't know that the owner of the house used this wall as the really door or not before but, based on the chipped paint, the wall was built around 3 or 4 years ago and I think I want to use that place again in the future :p 

I was wondering how people was doing behind this wall and why the owner closed this wall??? I don't know what happened in the past between the owner and estate management... but, if it was a door, you can went to cluster's sport club directly!! just a street away. Maybe about 5 or 6 steps and you arrived at the sport club! 

I was wearing my loose Samuel & Kevin tee and green blazer, Rodeo blue jegging with my mom's wedges from Ipanema hehehe ;) 

If you can see on my blazer, I add some pins around the collar. I got this inspiration from SNSD's Music Video - I Got A Boy. You can see their MV here ! pay attention to their look!! 

Anyway, JUNIEL has released her new music video! check it out!! 

xoxo, ditth :)

Monday, April 15, 2013


This photo was taken by my beloved best friend Chantika !! thank you so much :* 

Talking about this outfits, I'm wearing stripes shirt from Lois Jeans, Houdstooth Blazer from Angeliquenista , shorts from Polo and mom's flat shoes from Crocs and unbranded glasses that I bought when I was in grade 9

For next 3 days is my last holiday in grade 10. time moves so fast! this holiday is because the national exam for 12 graders. good luck for you guys!! wish you will graduate and get the best score :D 

look at the video above!!! infinite-L on it ;) 

xoxo, ditth :)