Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Other Side of The Door

First of all, sorry for lack updates!! ;_______; 
I have been busy with school's stuff. test... test...test everywhere.... after the national exam's holiday over, my amazing life was turn into hell -_- Teachers are crazy to give us test everyday! not every week!! they said that it'll help our final report, but... really........ I really bored with school stuff -_- 
maybe I will not often share my look again until I get my final report next June and wish me luck for next month! and next week!! 
next week daily test: Mon: accounting, Tue: math, Wed: chemistry, and Thurs: geometry and physics, Friday: has not been confirmation. hopefully there aren't test on Friday so, I can take a rest for one day and prepared for the next week again ;")

About this post, I found this place when I was walking around to find the best location to take photo shoot with my friend. It isn't far from my house, just 3 or 2 blocks away and my friend said that frame looks perfect. 
I don't know that the owner of the house used this wall as the really door or not before but, based on the chipped paint, the wall was built around 3 or 4 years ago and I think I want to use that place again in the future :p 

I was wondering how people was doing behind this wall and why the owner closed this wall??? I don't know what happened in the past between the owner and estate management... but, if it was a door, you can went to cluster's sport club directly!! just a street away. Maybe about 5 or 6 steps and you arrived at the sport club! 

I was wearing my loose Samuel & Kevin tee and green blazer, Rodeo blue jegging with my mom's wedges from Ipanema hehehe ;) 

If you can see on my blazer, I add some pins around the collar. I got this inspiration from SNSD's Music Video - I Got A Boy. You can see their MV here ! pay attention to their look!! 

Anyway, JUNIEL has released her new music video! check it out!! 

xoxo, ditth :)

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