Thursday, May 9, 2013

#1stop: "Sayap Ibu Foundation" - Homes for Children with Disabilities

 Last weekend, I visited 'Sayap Ibu Foundation' located in Bintaro. This foundation cares about children who have disabilities, nurture them because the real parent are having difficulties in economics or not accept them as their children because of their disabilities. 
I visited with my best friend, Chantika also with my parent's friends and we had so much fun played with the children!! :D

They're many kind of disease that the children have mental trouble, autism, blindness and many more. How lucky we're, we have complete body parts, our parents still accept us as their children and sometimes we had disease that still have medication. In there, there are children who have hydrocephalus. hydrocephalus is a disease that the patient have surplus of water in their head so their brain can't develop well. there isn't any medicine to get it back to normal if you're late to know it. Just make the patient comfy until the end of their breath. :'( 

The pics above was taken by Ayu. Because she was curious with my camera hahhaa~ 
Ayu is one of the children who lives there. we had so much fun playing and took pictures with Ayu. I don't know about Ayu well, but why Ayu lives there because she have mental trouble. When she was kid, he had been raped by her biological father and now she also have trouble with her vagina. Poor Ayu :'(

we had birthday celebration too. Friends of my parents were having their birthday on that day so, we
celebrated it with the children :D 

outfit details: 
White Loose tee - Samuel and Kevin 
Red Batik Bagel Bracelet - Unbranded 
Orange Jeans - Rodeo jeans 
see you on next post! 
xoxo, ditth 

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