Sunday, May 12, 2013

#3 stop : Compassion Festival - Mall Of Indonesia, Jakarta

After we went to Sayap Ibu Foundation and Orphanage, me and my family went to Compassion Festival at the same day. Compassion Festival is a festival that have theme "How to find your happiness in the right way". This Festival opens for public started 2nd May until June 2013 

I couldn't stop taking pictures!! there're a lot of quotes exhibition, replica statues, bazaar, the story of The Buddha and the most amazing are Buddha's relics and his students. Sooo cool!! there are already 300 years over (for Buddha relics) and still exist until now :0 amazing

You can see the picture above and under this text, I deeply fell in love with this wall quotes and the drawings!!

Quotes exhibition, there are a lot of  interesting biographies from inspiring people too!! 

Bunda Maria's Statue ;)

About this section, I took and arrange the photos in this blog randomly because Buddha Gotama's life was really long and it took 4 or 5 rows of pictures exhibitions ( I didn't take all of the photos exhibition) and I can't see the text in this pic clearly so I don't know about the right arrangement. hehehe :D 

So, the pictures above is about the distributes of the Buddha's relics in India long time ago 

And, this section is about Buddha's and his student's relics!! soo amazing! 

Buddha's relics!! :0 different from others!! 

xoxo, ditth :)

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