Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Silly Diary's Confession #001

What’s the meaning of love?
Many people already met their beloved one
And me?
I’m just waiting here…
And no one will ever come
Love always end in tragic way for me, and so on. Today, This hour, This second.
Tears, my love became tears
Journey still continue….. I’m counting one two three
Who do I love?? And what’s on my mind??
A prince from Royal family or,
An Unidentified ordinary boy from this huge world?

It’s 12:00 AM already and I still can’t sleep.
I’m tired, really tired
Sick of this f***ing things
My heart is breaking a part, turning into pieces
And no one will ever fix it

This year, this spring, summer, autumn and winter
I will not fall in the same hole again
And again.
Praying is the first and the last that I can do.

Black, grey and white…. That’s my color now. I just used bright color to cover up all of my emotions actually, to make others happy. I wonder how could I make it in a fashion post since my face turning ugly when I didn’t smile?? Dilemma. That’s how I feel it now. Random and random. :’(

I just had a change to post my confession to this blog, I wrote it before I went to sleep last Saturday. I don't really know either I made a poem or not but I think it's look like a poem ._. Oh! I haven't mentioned before, sarang (사랑) is a Korean word mean love. 

I feel so sorry in this post I post this smiley and happy pictures of me while the content is really........ (I'm sure you know it)

Okay, talking about this pictures, I'm wearing my old dress*? Actually, I always wore with leggings but, I don't know what's going on with me, so I just paired it up with my black tights, and my white flower sling bag from Debenhams.
I wish that I had big bro or sis so they could help me out to take pictures :'( my mom and dad are busy with they work so I don't want to disturb them. My friends also aren't with me every time and it's so really difficult to take self photos .___. 

Look out the new MV from B1A4!! :D it's so funny! I love their concept!! playing with barbiee ahahaa~ and also pay attention at the man in orange printed cap!! JinYoung who's the leader of this group is really handsome!! :D 

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