Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The First, Second and Third

Hello readers!! I'm back from the toughest week. This week, I just want to take a rest for a while, to refresh my brain because, I only have this week before the next war. My next mission will be hold on next week. The hardest week I think. One-week-social major-tests. it's kinda different from last science week. I must have the best score for next week which is really important for my final report to be accepted in social major next year. Every score that we get is also important, yes it does but, I don't really care about my science score anymore. If I also think about it, My score might be fell down. 

The first, second and third. Life's like a wheel. There's a time when we're at the top but sometimes, we're at the down too. My friends told me that her scores that she got lately was not good enough and me... too. I had felt that my scores fell down like jumping from the top of the mountain without a parachute and I felt that this semester too. I really couldn't stop thinking about it and what's the effects??? all of my scores turning worse that I thought and that's made me soooo depressed. lately, I'm trying to not thinking about it anymore, just forgot what's on the past and make our future better and better. As you know, I'm the type of person that can't forget the past easily, especially trauma but, I'm trying to forgot all bad scores that I got and trying to face the future with new effort. try it dude, you can do it :)

Talking about this post. I'm wearing my fedora hat back :D, unbranded hello-kitty glasses, red collar shirt and a black jumper with black legging to finished the look!! 

I'm trying to took self-photo since my mom bought me a new camera!! hihihi what do you think???
I can't stop to say "thank you very much mom!!" :* '
by the way, I changed Silly Diary's header a week ago. what do you thinkk??? :D better this one or the first? 

xoxo, ditth :)

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