Thursday, June 20, 2013

X-ONE Farewell Dinner

all photos in this post were taken by Joseph, Me and Michelle 

Finally, this year academic is over!! I just got my report today and the result......... not really satisfying for me :'( but, in the other side, I'm really happy because finally I'm going to study in social class next July! yay! the moment that I have waited for a long time finally begins! I'm not going to study physics, biology and chemistry again (those subjects made my report worse)

I just have a time to post this event and share with you readers! sorry for a long break. After the final test was over, my class had a chance to made a farewell dinner at Telaga Restaurant, Moderen land and gratefully, most of the members came. 

I can't believe that we're already in the end. One year looks so fast! our togetherness made the best moments to me and i'll never forget my class family. We're already look like a family, brothers and sisters. We shared happiness, laugh and sadness together for this whole year and I fell so sad to leave this class. 

So, in this post, I just want to share about our togetherness that day. enjoy :) 

X-ONE girls! 
upper: anastasa-elvina-me-chantika-florence-nadine-margareth-priskilla-cynthia 
lower: angel-renata-jane-kezia- sofie 

and i'm very grateful to have Tebas Family, my closest friends in class. consists of: 
Liem (the one that inspired me to made Tebas Famiy's name), Hadi, Joseph , Erwin , David , Yosafat , Nadine , Chantika, Nicholas , and Me 
We shared everything together, our stressful because of the task and test, tears, craziness, laugh, sadness and spend time together is the most memories that i love <3 font="" nbsp="">
hope we will still chill out together in next few years and never forget any members ;") 
happy to have you all :)

Outfit details: 
Ombre Long-sleeve shirt - Rodeo 
flowery tie, wore as ribbon - unbranded 

X-ONE Family <3 nbsp="">

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Moulin Rouge! No Rules, no Laws but One Thing: Never Fall in Love

It's almost 1 month since my latest post :0 feel sorry for lack updates. I've been busy for my final test (finally I'm not going to study chemistry, biology and physics more next year! yeeiii) Final test almost finish, that's why i can spare my time to post this event. hehehee..
Actually I want to post this around 2 weeks ago but, sadly i couldn't do that because i must study for my final :(

Moulin Rouge is the annual drama that was held on May 17 2013 by my seniors (the 12th graders) to collect money for prom night, yearbook and graduation party. Too bad that i got the regular ticket :( I couldn't see the show clearly and sorry for bad pictures because of that :( VVIP even VIP tickets already sold out in the first day they opened the tickets box. 

Moulin Rouge show is the famous Australian drama-musical film and my seniors chose this theme for the annual drama this year. Musical drama always held in my school every year with different cast but one thing that same, the cast have to be 12 graders and it's organized by generation of grade 12. so, the producer, director, cast, make-up artist, art decor, designer, etc is 12 graders. It's sooo fun

from left to right: Hadi, Yosa, Me, Nadine, Joseph. Nico, Liem and David 

This photo above was Tebas Family
consist of 10 members (too bad that Chantika and Erwin couldn't come) so it just 8 of us in that photo :'(
my and my friend decided that name one year ago when we were in first semester of school and the chairman is Liem because of his hair! ahaa~ 
I Hope we will never forget each other, every moments that we make together even already in different classes :)
you are already part of my live that are never be forgotten
I love you guys  
photo was taken in front of Eiffel statue that was made to enliven the event.   

And finally I met my elementary school friend for over a year!! I couldn't believe that i met her on that day <3 :="" a="" amazing="" and="" it="" nbsp="" night="" p="" remember.="" seniors="" thank="" to="" was="" you="">xoxo, ditth