Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bandung Trip part 2

At the next morning, I just walking around the hotel and took some photos there. My mom and dad didn't want to go outside so, I just enjoyed the scenery from the hotel and i'ts cool enough for mind-refreshing. you must try to go there! it's soooo beautiful :0 

Can you see the hidden mountain in the sky?? 

Look at the sky! cool isn't it?? 

The pictures above is the pictures inside the gazebo that located in the top of the hotel beside the restaurant. Jewish look alike, Seriously I'm fall in love with all of the drawings there. 

Sorry if my pictures is too small for fashion photos this time :' since my Photoshop is not loading and I can't use it, so I just upload it directly from the camera :' 

so, I was wearing gradient shirt from Promod, unbranded pink tank, Rodeo Blue leggings and a purple hat that I bought at Mall Taman Anggrek years ago also galaxy shoes from Tumblr Store

Sorry if I did't write any longer in this post. I just want to do some rest. My mind keep flying randomly and I couldn't control it. At that time, I just walking around the hotel, finding good spot to take a shoot. I wasn't go outside the hotel because traffic jam were everywhere! Bandung is so crowded at weekend :' 

xoxo, ditth 


Monica Agustin said...

Omg so cool. What hotel were you staying at?
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fhenny said...

looks like you had lots of fun!

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Tanja S. said...

wow, your hotel looks so beautiful! And look at that sky, wow! Hope you're having fun there :)