Saturday, September 7, 2013

Here's to Never Growing Up

Seriously, sick for say this: sorry for lack updates! really sorry! I don't really have time to post some photos to this blog ): 
I know I'm such a bad blogger who dumped silly diary for a looonnngg time :'( 
I have planned to post this post actually 1 week after the photo shoot but, because the teachers didn't give the students time to rest..... this post has been postponed for over one month*? 

Last... August I met my blogger friend Michelle ! and we had so much fun doing photo shoot together :D 
those photos below are taken by Michelle!! thank you so much Michellee <3 font="" nbsp="">

Tosca long-sleeved - Shop Belle Fille & Flowery belt *wore as tie* - unbranded 

Me with Michelle!! so pretty, isn't she?? ;)

I also met Nadine too! it wasn't a planned at first. but, 2 or 1 hours before, Nadine said that she and her friend were going to watch Sea of monsters and want to buy a present too. I asked Michelle if she want to join or not but she said that Michelle will watch it with her sisters :D oh! thanks to Nadine too! she helped me and Michelle to took the photo together (: 

ps: Nadine will turn 16th in 20 mins later!! :D Happy birthday to youu <3>

xoxo, ditth


Livia said...

lovely post!!


MichelleSanjaya said...

it was nice meeting you and nadine and your other 1 friend (sorry I forget his name :p) :D
ahhh lets meet up again really soon ;;)

cheer, michelle

Mandy P. said...

Hey there, loved your blog, just followed you on GFC, (25) would you mind to follow back?