Monday, March 24, 2014


(Forget about my weirdo face. Totally epic failed..)

Thanks God the hectic week has passed. The mid-term finally finished! but, too sad there isn't any holiday and i still have to go to school to study for another tests -___- *poor student* 

sometimes I'm happy to go to school, means I can meet my best friends, play with them in the break time, talking and gossiping about the hottest k-pop news~ 
but the breaktime only 1 hour a day! it's unfair ;___; I have to study and listen to the teachers almost 8 hours per day!  

btw, how's your day?? ^^ 

So friends, I just got the perfect time to make a new post on this blog. found my old-dungaree  suddenly when i was searching for another clothes hahaha~ and luckily it still fits to me! hihii i'm getting fatter day by day dunno what should I do. Currently on diet but don't think it'll success ): 

When i had difficulties in searching the post's title, suddenly appeared the conversation between my closest friends in my mind . They were talking about the deferences between lollipop and lolicon. lollipop is a candy while lolicon is something that's related to anime (don't really know about it. I'm not someone who's following the anime's updates). So I just mixed it up and made this 'loliolipop' dunno where it came from. Kinda weird. 

Outfits details: 
Plaid Purple Shirts - STAR dept. Store 
Pink dungaree - unknown 
watch - Levi's 

 xoxo, ditth 


Stefany said...

First time visiting here.
Love your plaid shirt!


MichelleSanjaya said...

cute dungaree dit!! x3
love all of your facial expressions! teeheeee :D

cheer, michelle

Tanja S. said...

I know how you're feeling, that's how my day looks usually too! These dungarees look so nice on you :)

Ellyzabeth Tanaya said...

dith overall km lucu banget!! and pose nya juga unyuu! anw kita blum follow2an yaaa? aku udh follow km hehe :D