Friday, March 7, 2014

Stop Motion(?)

Hello people! how's your day? Mine's busy as always ): have to prepare for the exhibition, projects, competition and the last but not least, have to study for mid-term exam. truthfully, I haven't done the last one. 

okay, forget about schedule. (it makes me soooo stressed and depressed if i think about it) 

so, today's post was taken when I was going to Bank Indonesia's Museum, Kota Tua for economic's project. We did take pictures for the project but not as many as our self's pictures XD 

so, here are the result from the trip! (6 out of 200 photos!!) XD 

 About this look: 
 flowery black tops - a gift from mom 
flowery grey jeans - Chache chache 
fedora hat - Berskha 
Black leather boots - June and Julia 

Credits: big thanks to Angel, Tasya and Clara who helped me took pics for this post! 

xoxo, ditth 

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MichelleSanjaya said...

Aaaaa kota tuaaa~ x'3
kece dehhhhh ;;)

cheer, michelle