Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Pardon me for the bad quality photos, just realised when I was uploading to the blog -__- they're too many significant difference from the previous posts like the pixels, focus etc ._. I didn't use remote control for taking pictures (that's why I still rely on someone to help me) .... and now remote control added on my wish list. 

Firstly, I thought better to take photos at day rather than night but, after seeing these photo it changed my mind directly. When I look back to another nights before, two lamps in my room were really helpful. When it came to the end, it only needed a little touch of photoshop, a tiny brighter effect and some contras. Really different from this post. 

I still grateful because I had joined photography club last year even tough the result wasn't good enough (I quite bad with cameras and need to work harder) however, I learned a little bit about photo-editing and it's useful for my blog and carrier. (yepp I prefer to stand in front of computers and tablets and sketch book and acrylic and pencils rather than spending my time for hunting pictures hehehe) 

Grey Batman(?) shirt - Samuel and Kevin 
Denim shorts - Gaudi 
Owl ring - Bl!ng 
Clock ring - Grandma's stationary
Black lola boots - June and Julia 
purple-black stripes sock - Sock Gallery 

ps: I have been interesting with lately and I bet lots of blogger are using it now hihi. You can ask me if you're bored here XP 

xo, ditth (: 

Sunday, June 22, 2014


finally i'm back from my hibernation! wehehehe 
umm.... sorry couldn't post anything for the past 3 months (?) as like usual, I quite busy with my school's project and blablabla 
Also I had joined various competition and it made me busier -___- truthfully, one of the competition, specifically the province science competition made me insane. I had to study for 24/7 and the questions was out from nowhere -__-  it was soooooooo useless to study! I had to use my instinct and 'counting the button' method! hhh I would say i'm a smart person if I passed it. 

Actually as a social student, it was less stressful assignments, projects and homework but, once we have an assignment, it takes more than one week to finish it.
Honestly, It wasn't really matter to me anymore. hehehe. I have been practicing for university's entrance in the next 3 or 4 months, Making lots of portfolios (because I wanna take design major), also practicing my english. I taught I've become busier because of this matter and I did a lot of same things everyday. practice and practice. soon will be posted about my art and portfolios! you can see them now on instagram, including the 'work in process'. 

All of the pictures in this post were taken in March, when I was joining Styylli instagram competition. The theme was 'local brand' and what came to my mind was batik, one of Indonesia's signature style. We consider batik as the formal attribute, but I tried to make it less-formal by matched it with my red parachute vest and black shorts. Don't forget to wear your favourite boots! you'll look taller and slimmer~ 

See you in another post! 
xoxo, ditth (: