Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Pardon me for the bad quality photos, just realised when I was uploading to the blog -__- they're too many significant difference from the previous posts like the pixels, focus etc ._. I didn't use remote control for taking pictures (that's why I still rely on someone to help me) .... and now remote control added on my wish list. 

Firstly, I thought better to take photos at day rather than night but, after seeing these photo it changed my mind directly. When I look back to another nights before, two lamps in my room were really helpful. When it came to the end, it only needed a little touch of photoshop, a tiny brighter effect and some contras. Really different from this post. 

I still grateful because I had joined photography club last year even tough the result wasn't good enough (I quite bad with cameras and need to work harder) however, I learned a little bit about photo-editing and it's useful for my blog and carrier. (yepp I prefer to stand in front of computers and tablets and sketch book and acrylic and pencils rather than spending my time for hunting pictures hehehe) 

Grey Batman(?) shirt - Samuel and Kevin 
Denim shorts - Gaudi 
Owl ring - Bl!ng 
Clock ring - Grandma's stationary
Black lola boots - June and Julia 
purple-black stripes sock - Sock Gallery 

ps: I have been interesting with lately and I bet lots of blogger are using it now hihi. You can ask me if you're bored here XP 

xo, ditth (: 


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Lady Di said...
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Lady Di said...

Very nice your photos :)
beautiful girl!

Ellyzabeth Tanaya said...

hai dith! omg your top is soooo quirky! anyway for taking great pictures, I suggest you to use photoshop curves! It works tho!

Tanja S. said...

I guess trying out different light, camera, locations etc really makes a difference and makes you a pro! Lovely shoes.