Tuesday, January 13, 2015

hello, seventeen!

Hello there!! 

Time flew so fast! It's 2015 already! I hope isn't too late to say happy new year to all of you!! may this year be better than the last and let's make this year more adventurous, challenging and unforgettable than before!

New year is not about changing the calendar or just saying ' happy new year' or make a new resolution ( honestly I rarely make a new year resolution, I had made it once when i was in junior high but later on, I just wanted every year is better than before ). 

Since my birthday is on the last month of the year, New year for me is about being mature than before. I wish that every year I'll become a better person, with a better attitude and I hope I could manage my time better than before ( should study more often since i'm gonna have my national exam on April 2015 ) and the last but not least, I hope I'll be more active posting a post in this blog! hihihi 
But probably, I won't post new outfit until april because I have to focus on my goal this year: "graduated from high school with a good grades" and my friends probably couldn't help me to take pics before the national exam. 

Let's move about the pics above! Big thanks to Colaluca Event Organiser and the photography team ( ko WP and ko Michael) who helped me took all of the pics here! (thanks God it's not self timer anymore). Actually I still don't get it how could people take picture with a nice angle and focus at the same time. I should study more about photography world. 

Anyway, i've posted my online portfolio here: http://ditthaniasuryani.wordpress.com it contains my artworks including: drawings, fine art, digital arts and many more! click click!

ps: more about the sweet 17th dinner and candle ceremony will be posted soon!


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MichelleSanjaya said...

Aaaa~ happy belated birthday yah dit!! :D

cheer, michelle